Prezi is a new way of doing presentations in a VERY visual manner. Here are some resources and an example. While I realize the importance and enjoy visual resources as much as the next person, I also understand that some presenters will use the bells and whistles to a level of distraction. Also some in your audience really need to READ the information. To meet all needs, I would also create a text (could be with some visuals) handout with the critical information.

If you are going to do a Prezi for others to use, you MUST have a PATH created for them to use. So create your large canvas first with some semblance of order and at the end, create your path. Run through the presentation to see if the elements are spaced far enough apart or when Prezi zooms that the information can still be seen on the screen. If you want to see a grouping at a time, use a FRAME.

Main Prezi website: The Prezi site has some good 'helps' under the LEARN tab. Use them.

Prezi for Dummies Cheat Sheet -

Six Interesting Ways to use Prezi in the Classroom:

Prezi Educator's Exchange - Many Prezis to use. Why re-invent the wheel? Add your own so others can use them.

Web 2.0 in the Classroom - A Prezi on using many types of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

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Work in progress -- Just what can Prezi use as far as media? Prezi - class lesson holder