Here is where we'll learn to use a WIKI. (I'll use this when I'm working with others)
Get account and create 1st WIKI.
You'll get to set Access and Themes, etc.
If you want to change anything about your whole WIKI, go to Manage Wiki

Add Pages with New Page command. The name of the page automatically goes on the left Table of Contents.

Adding Text - Use the EDITOR bar - Don't forget to Save!
  • Bold, Italics, Underline
  • Colored text
  • TEXT size - Drop Down Menu
  • Numbered lists
  • Bulleted lists
  • Dividers (horizontal on Page) as below

Add links (internal --ones you have on this WIKI or external - on the web)

Add files
  • Embed
  • Link
Embedded Image: Snow Sculpture from Michigan Technological University. They do this for FUN and HONOR in the middle of winter!

Add audio:

Linked PowerPoint and Excel Spreadsheets - DOESN'T APPEAR TO BE ABLE TO EMBED. Use the GoogleDocs and get a URL and it will pop open rather than download.
and graph example

Here's a .mov Movie of mine. If you watch CLOSELY, you might see portions of salmon jumping the fish ladder in Grand Rapids. They're really hard to catch on film.

Add widgets - Widgets are for those sites/ Web 2.0 tools that give you the html code to copy/paste in order to embed the content. See Embedding .

Add Tables - Very basic table -- could track assignments completed for example


Business Letter