Did you ever need a particular bookmark and discover it's on your home computer? Well, no more. You may use other 'social bookmarking' sites like Delicious - or Bookmarkit - but I've found one that I like, maybe even, love much better.
It's Diigo (Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff) - My account is here - See what lists and groups I'm a part of.

When you sign up for a Diigo account, you can bookmark sites into My Library, you can tag them to easily find them again, or you can sort them into lists. This is one of the best features. I can make a list for a specific project, topic or theme. When I run into a great site that I'd like to keep, I simply click on my Digolet (if I'm on my own computer). If you are NOT at your computer, you can still access your bookmarks, by going to their site and logging in.

You are able to HIGHLIGHT important parts of pages and add sticky notes as well. They stay there for whenever you need them.

The BEST thing, however, is that you can share and collaborate on different groups. For example, I started a Dyslexia group - that is open for anyone to share a site they've found. In addition, I am a member of a number of different lists and receive daily or weekly emails of sites that others have added to those lists. Mmmmm, someone is working for me just as I am working for them. :) I've had some wonderful site suggestions sent directly to my mailbox! I love it.

The site is very professional. The quality of users is very professional. There are serious researchers and teacher on Diigo. We all work together to plumb the depths of this vast Internet.

Educators can get an Educator Account (with a school email address). Lists and projects worked on COLLABORATIVELY by students can be kept private by creating class groups. Wow!

Here are 4 YouTube videos that summarize and SHOW you how to use Diigo.

Diigo V3: Highlight & Share the Web! -

Diigo - Learn it in 5 - video help -

Diigo -- Improving how we find, share, and save information -

Diigo in the Classroom - (9:32min) - You can also create a WebSlides show right within Diigo!